Virtual Career Experiences

Looking for a rewarding career opportunity in a growing industry? Chat with us at the Texas A&M AGLS Career Fair on February 25th!

In order to be selected for our final webinar and therefore eligible for the unique and exclusive career opportunities that Viva Fresh provides, Please apply by uploading your resume!

Upcoming Webinars

Tuesday, March 2nd at 5pm CT

Introduction to the Fresh Produce Industry

Join us as we introduce you to the world of fresh produce and the many meaningful career choices. Hear from Dante Galeazzi, President and CEO of TIPA (the organization that puts on the Viva Fresh Show) and Dan’l Mackey Almy, founder of Aggies for Fresh, President and CEO of DMA Solutions, a fresh produce focused marketing company who has over 25 years of experience in the industry.

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Tuesday, March 9th at 5pm CT

Exploring Career Paths in the Fresh Produce Industry

Wondering about the different career paths that fresh produce has to offer? Agriculture is more than just cattle and farming. Hear more about the various opportunities that fresh produce presents for any kind of major!

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Tuesday, March 16th at 5pm CT

A Closer Look at Careers in Fresh Produce

Hear from fresh produce industry veterans of all kinds as we dive deeper into the many different sectors of the industry. 

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Tuesday, March 23rd at 5 pm CT

Invite only: Get Ready for Viva Fresh

Join TIPA members and other selected students as we help you to prepare for networking at the Viva Fresh show. Get interview tips, advice on how to sell yourself virtually and get the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

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