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It is a well-known fact that Aggies’ blood runs maroon before, during and after their time at Texas A&M. For current students, Aggies for Fresh recognizes the significant role that on-campus organizations play during their college years. Therefore, it seemed like a natural fit for Aggies for Fresh to support student organizations that are aligned with our mission and help connect the story of fresh produce to the people who bring agriculture to life on the Texas A&M campus. If you are a current student at Texas A&M and would like to get involved, we suggest connecting with: Sigma Alpha, NAMA, COALS Council and Howdy Farm.


Aggies for Fresh would not exist if it weren’t for DMA Solutions, Inc.’s innovative leader, Dan’l Mackey Almy –Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of ’94 (WHOOP!) Dan’l saw the need for passionate people in the fresh produce industry and immediately thought of the dedicated students and alumni of Texas A&M. Dan’l has been a speaker at various industry events, speaks in multiple classes each semester in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and has a passion to spark motivation in the minds of others. If you are an educator looking for Dan’l to speak at a class or event, please email

Companies and Leaders

If your business is looking for hard-working, intelligent students to fill the available positions in your company, Aggies for Fresh is here to help! With this form, we seek to gain a deeper understanding of your expectations and needs. We will take the information you provide and pair you with an Aggie who is seeking a start in the fresh produce industry. We’re constantly seeking leaders to invest their time and expertise in Aggies for Fresh and to serve as mentors to current Texas A&M students. If you’d like to volunteer as a mentor, please email

Looking to financially support Aggies for Fresh? Thank you in advance! We utilize donations to support student organizations, scholarships, and further influence the curriculum at Texas A&M to reflect fresh produce as a viable career option. If you would like to know more about how The Fresh Fund is directly affecting students, please email

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