Our Mission

We know that college students fear ending up in a career without meaning. Aggies for Fresh believes in introducing students to the fresh produce industry where they can explore opportunities that bring meaning while giving them the resources to explore the vast options in the industry.

​Texas A&M University’s core values align closely with the fresh produce industry, creating a natural career fit for talented Aggies of all backgrounds, skill sets, and ambitions. ​

We are looking for students with the following key characteristics: ​

  • Passionate

    First and foremost, students need to have a longing to find meaning in their career.

  • Desire for exploration

    Aggies for Fresh gives students the ability to learn about the many different career paths in fresh. They are exposed to different avenues, but are not pushed in any direction. It is important for students to be willing to explore and learn about the different sectors in order to find the path that has meaning for them.

  • Efficient communicators

    Students need to be able to effectively communicate with potential employers and leaders in the industry in order to make a good impression, but also to be able to communicate what they are looking for in a career.