Our Founders

Dan'l and Drew

Drew & Dan’l Mackey Almy


Dan’l Mackey Almy’s passion for fresh produce marketing has paved the way for a dynamic career in the industry for over 18 years. In 2004, she founded DMA Solutions, Inc., a leading agency that works to increase the consumption of fresh produce through creative and results-oriented marketing. “My work is a small part of a much larger and important calling – being a voice and champion for food that is grown.” – Dan’l, class of ’94

Drew Almy ’94 is passionate about fresh food and the flavor that fruits and vegetables bring to whatever cuisine he prepares. An avid Aggie as well, Drew has been a financial planner with Fidelity Investments for 21 years, loves to cook, adores daughter Mackey and moonlights as co-owner and huge supporter of DMA Solutions, Inc.


DMA Solutions


DMA Solutions, Inc. is a specialized marketing agency in the fresh produce industry on a mission to increase demand that will ultimately inspire consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are passionate about helping their clients to achieve success through measurable marketing and creative design. To learn more about DMA Solutions, the company’s work and its team of marketers, visit www.dma-solutions.com and The Core Blog, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.